16 February 2012

valentimes day

i had such a wonderful valentine's day! here is what i did:

ross and i made pizza sandwiches. they did not turn out as planned. we were a little ambitious in stuffing them with goodies so they ended up being personal calzones more than sammies, but they were delicious none the less. we were going to have an indoor picnic, but when it came down to it i really wanted to sit at my table and eat. so we listened to des ark and ate our sammies and sallies (sandwiches and salads for those of you who prefer using actually terms to refer to your food).

we had a couple's photo shoot (we got some pretty cute pics), i will upload some as soon as i pester ross into giving them to me.

we made homemade strawberry shortcake. finding a vegan shortcake was impossible so we made straight up white cake. yum. also, soyatoo is one of the greatest creations given to humankind. if you don't know now you know.

lastly, we curled up and watched harold and maude. with my kitten, maude, as it turned out. i absolutely love ruth gordon but i will say that i'm glad i dozed off before the end of the movie. i would have been up all night sobbing otherwise.

that was my evening, i hope everyone else had a great time either solo or with a significant other. xoxox

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