12 July 2010

my other song of the day

monday monday

i have a ton of pictures to upload from my camera, but i'm pooped and i'm being lazy. i went to an awesome show last night: native guilt, legs dead and well, big kids and 1994. so i stayed up late and had to work all day. i'm exhausted. more to come later.

song of the day: the babies-sick kid in the distance

09 July 2010

underground restaurant

this is such a cool idea, i want to steal it with both hands...

rainy days

so the rain has only persisted the past couple of days, and its affecting my work. don't get me wrong, i love it, but it just makes me want to sit in my craft room with a quilt and a cup of tea. i'm suppose to go on a picnic tomorrow, so i hope it doesn't rain a ton. overcast i'm okay with. this weather has also made me realize that i could definitely handle living in the northeast or northwest somewhere, and that i'm dreading the looming heat and humidity here. this is a picture of the boy i'll be picnicking with tomorrow, this is from our last picnic at the salt plains...

song of the day: yellowfever-cats and rats

08 July 2010

tucked away in a basement

i started my curatorial work today, which means i spent all day in a basement with artifacts and my deathly hallows audiobook. i love my job. i'm in the process of cataloging a ton of edison phonograph records that have multiple (and usually incorrect) accession numbers on them. that probably sounds mind-numbingly boring, but i disagree. on top of all that, i hung out at a park during my lunch hour and ate a vegetable sandwich. not too shabby. after i got off work i hung out with my mom for a little bit, but i ended up feeling bad because i crashed from my caffeine intake and i think i might have been a bit of a crab apple. i'm fighting the urge to take a nap at this very moment because i know it will only lead to another night of me watching futurama until three in the morning and then being exhausted at work. this seems to be a pattern in my life. alright, enough of my rambling for now.

song of the day: songs for moms-expandable

07 July 2010

birthday treats

it's my dad's birthday this weekend, so naturally this is what he will be receiving from me. i've never tried making a checkered cake before and i'm a little nervous. but my excitement definitely outweighs the nervousness.

La La Vasquez - Hello?

i decided to start a blog today. i'm not exactly sure what compelled me to do so, but i'm going with it.

it's been raining here a lot the past few days, so i've been sitting in my house obsessing over british lo-fi. i wanted to post something by one of my new finds, but i didn't have much luck. but here's a video of la la vasquez playing at the cowley club in brighton. they're pretty awesome...