21 January 2012

new cat project

i'm going to start doing this with my cats, it would probably be adorable. by probably i mean absolutely.

what i'm doing tonight

i'm going to make a tiny city out of these awesome floor cushions.

13 January 2012

thanks britney

i need this for my office. britney spears can be my daily motivation.


i've had these in mind since before the new year, but i figured that i would make it official and post them on the interweb. here are my resolutions for 2012:

1. quit smoking and drinking soda (two terrible vices that i love so dearly)
2. start doing yoga again
3. eat vegan!
4. save money (this is a big one. i'm trying to go back to school soon and i would like to take one trip this year. to where? that i don't know just yet.)
5. take more photos
6. make wednesday night my creativity night
7. put it in the chum bucket (my personal mantra for letting things go and being positive)

i have confidence in me (as sung by julie andrews)!


i read the second issue of unlovable a couple of nights ago. i have never in my life laughed so much out loud while reading. i've got to get my hands on the first issue. esther pearl watson is my new hero.

11 January 2012

school schmool

lucky pony is giving away an awesome backpack! i'm starting back at uco this year and i do actually need a backpack, so hopefully i can be a weiner and score this bad boy (the green one i do believe). it would help both my bank account and by right shoulder ( i got used to carrying all of my heavy ass history books in a tote and forever had red marks on my shoulder). anyhoo, we shall see i suppose.