27 July 2011


i made some lemon-yogurt cupcakes with strawberry jam the other night. my cupcake intake for the week has been dangerously high.

cliff house

it's too bad it doesn't look like this at all anymore, but i still really want to go here.


it's been a while, i kinda forgot for a few months that i had a blog. i also forgot that i set a goal for myself to watch 100 new (to me) films this year. i don't know why i thought that would work out, i don't have that much time to dedicate to movie watching. i wish i did, but that is just entirely idealistic. so i failed. big whoop, wanna fight about it? anyhoo, i just stumbled across this picture and it completely embodies my attitude of what i would like to be doing today...hanging out in a bathing suit and eating pie.